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Taliesin West is named one of the top 10 attractions in Metro Phoenix. Read the full story here.


Andrew Pielage Photography's new photos of Taliesin West and the David and Gladys Wright house will be on view as part of Artlink Phoenix's Art Detour March 8-9. 

Join us for a unique look into the private Arizona residences of Frank Lloyd Wright and his family at Andrew’s gallery located at 918 N. 6th Street, Phoenix, 85004. This show is sponsored by both the Foundation and Image Craft, LLC.


Boomer Residence, Phoenix, Arizona, 1953 — Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright’s David and Gladys Wright house (1952), Phoenix, Arizona

  July 14, 2013 at 09:48am

Taliesin Tuesday! 

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West (1937), Scottsdale, Arizona 


Starting today, Taliesin West will be closed for tours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays through August 31st. The full tour schedule at Taliesin West will resume as of September 1st.

Photo by AP Photography.


The David S. Wright Home (Arcadia, Arizona)


Today, Phoenix Business Journal’s photo editor, Jim Poulin, came out to capture some shots of our solar panels at Taliesin West. 

The solar panels are part of our pioneering initiative integrating sustainable energy at Taliesin West. The goal of the groundbreaking effort is to transform the entire National Historic Landmark site into a “net zero” energy customer—producing as much energy as it consumes annually—while maintaining the historic and architectural integrity of the site.

You can watch a live feed of our energy savings here:


This morning, the name of the buyer of the David and Gladys Wright House became public. The buyer is Zachary Rawling, from Las Vegas. You can read the story in this morning’s Phoenix Business Journal here.


As a rain storm blows over Phoenix, snow remains on the McDowell peaks at Taliesin West. Photo by our Graphic Design Fellow Nick Abele.