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50 Essential Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings

1.   Home and Studio, Oak Park, Illinois, 1889 - 1898

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Candid photo of a family posing in front of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple in Oak Park, Illinois; ca. 1937.

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Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park, Illinois


Frank Lloyd Wright (American, 1867-1959)

Nathan G. Moore House, Oak Park, Illinois, 1895; rebuilt 1923

Frank Lloyd Wright always hated the house that Nathan G. Moore asked him to design, with its faux-Tudor style. It was one of FLW’s earliest commissions, and he freely admitted that he did it only for the cash. Years later, when the top two floors of the house burned in a fire, Wright seized the chance to imbue his original design with new Mayan-Japanese flavor. You can see hints of his 1923 Imperial Hotel in the rebuilt version:

  • After rebuild, 1923
  • Detail of porch, 1923
  • Previous version, 1895


Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Oak Park, Illinois, 1889-1909

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Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio decorated for the holidays

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Frank Lloyd Wright in the Snow: Oak Park, Illinois 

Happy Holidays!

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Moore-Dugal house, Oak Park, Illinois 


Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio.