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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House in East Hollywood, 1919-1921


Frank Lloyd Wright, The Millard House (La Miniatura), 1926, Pasadena, California. / Google


Ennis House Corridor, Frank Lloyd Wright. Hollywood, CA. 


Recognized by Wright as his earliest “Usonian” house, La Miniatura is also the first residence to utilize Frank Lloyd Wright’s highly inventive textile block building system


1939 Sturges House | Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright (overseen by Taliesin fellow John Lautner) | 449 N. Skyewiay Road, Los Angeles, CA

The home, a historic-cultural monument, is currently owned by Jack Larson who played Jimmy Olson in the 1950s TV series The Adventures of Superman.

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Lloyd Wright’s John Sowden house (1926), Los Feliz, California

Edit: Many thanks to ChicagoGeek for pointing out that the house was designed by Frank’s son Lloyd Wright, an accomplished architect in his own right, who served as his father’s construction manager for several of the California textile-block projects throughout the 1920s.

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Storer House Hits The Market [Curbed LA] 


Ennis House (Los Angeles, California)


Frank Lloyd Wright in LA

Yesterday I had an amazing tour of the architectural masterpieces of Frank Lloyd Wright and his son, Lloyd Wright in LA. The tour was lead by Laura Massino, an architecture historian, whose obvious passion and enthusiasm for architecture and FLW made for an interesting and informative tour.

If you’re in LA an you have a passion for architecture, check out her tours:


Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Ennis House, Los Angeles, California, 1924

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