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Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art has acquired a rare Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian house, known as the Bachman Wilson House in New Jersey. 

An excerpt from Modern’s Winter 2013 “Preservation Pulpit” article talks about saving this architectural treasure.

Another endangered Wright house also linked to the Guggenheim, is the Bachman Wilson House in New Jersey. It is one of Wright’s Usonian houses and was built while he was working in New York on the Guggenheim. Its owners, Sharon and Lawrence Tarantino, have been more than dutiful stewards, going above and beyond what is expected of any Wright homeowner. As architects with experience preserving modern buildings, including a few of Wright’s, they have greatly improved the house since taking possession in 1988. They painstakingly researched such details as the red pigment of the concrete floors, among other things, to restore it to Wright’s original vision. Yet, in spite of their obvious talents and their loving touch, they cannot protect the house from what ails it most—the threat of flooding from upstream overdevelopment that has drastically altered the hydrology at the site, causing the house to flood not once but on several occasions in the past five years. With the blessing of the conservancy they plan to move the house when the right buyer with the right site comes along.    

Details about the house can be found on the website 

Photos by Lawrence Tarantino, AIA Tarantino Studio 





Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin (1911), in Spring Green, WI, made the 2014 list of cultural sites in need of attention and restoration. 


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple, a pilgrimage site for architectural buffs, will get a face lift, thanks to a $10 million grant from a Chicago-based foundation.

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Today, Phoenix Business Journal’s photo editor, Jim Poulin, came out to capture some shots of our solar panels at Taliesin West. 

The solar panels are part of our pioneering initiative integrating sustainable energy at Taliesin West. The goal of the groundbreaking effort is to transform the entire National Historic Landmark site into a “net zero” energy customer—producing as much energy as it consumes annually—while maintaining the historic and architectural integrity of the site.

You can watch a live feed of our energy savings here:


This morning, the name of the buyer of the David and Gladys Wright House became public. The buyer is Zachary Rawling, from Las Vegas. You can read the story in this morning’s Phoenix Business Journal here.

Frank Lloyd Wright House in Phoenix Sold Again to New Anonymous Buyer 

The David Wright house has been saved! 

The Fight to Save Frank Lloyd Wright’s Legacy in Phoenix 

Please, if you live in the Phoenix area, show support. 


The City Council meeting to vote on landmark preservation for the David and Gladys Wright House is tonight at 5pm. The meeting is at City of Phoenix City Council Chambers at 200 W. Jefferson, Phoenix AZ. Strong community attendance will help show deep backing for designation and demolition protection.

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